Aeron TPU Inner Tubes for Gravel Bikes

CX/Gravel Series

Developed for performance and puncture protection in demanding terrain


Aeron CX/Gravel tubes are up to

79 %

lighter than comparable butyl tubes.


Cross or gravel bike riders are usually sporty when travelling off-road. But sporty is not always sporty. Gravel racers need a very light tube that rolls very well and still has good puncture protection, such as the AERON ExtraLite Protect. Bikepackers should trust the UltraProtect with the best possible puncture protection on their adventures. And for all cross riders who are allowed to change their bike lap by lap, the SuperLite Race is the fastest possible choice.



NameWeight in gTyre sizeWeight saving*Suitable for rim brakesMultilayer structureArt.-No.RRP
CX/Gravel – ExtraLite Protect / 32-52 / SV42


650B - 700C


333 100 00

19,95 €

CX/Gravel – ExtraLite Protect / 32-52 / SV65


650B - 700C


333 100 01

19,95 €

CX/Gravel – SuperLite Race / 32-52 / SV42


650B - 700C


333 100 02

24,95 €

CX/Gravel – SuperLite Race / 32-52 / SV65


650B - 700C


333 100 03

24,95 €

CX/Gravel –  UltraProtect / 32-52 / SV65


650B - 700C


333 100 04

24,95 €

CX/Gravel – UltraProtect / 32-52 / SV42


650B - 700C


333 100 05

24,95 €

* compared to corresponding butyl tubes

AERON CX/Gravel – SuperLite Race vs. Butyl

Cross or gravel bike riders are usually sporty when travelling off-road. But sporty is not always sporty. Gravel racers need a very light tube that rolls very well and still has good puncture protection.

Find out more about the TPU material

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is gaining ground when it comes to equipping your bike with the right inner tubes. Until now, the butyl inner tube was the measure of all things. Whether road freaks, racing cyclists, mountain bikers, gravel riders or even commuters, everyone has seen and probably touched one of these black butyl tubes - at the latest after the first puncture. However, the cycling world is actually on the brink of a kind of turning point: the good old black butyl tube could - and probably should - soon be a thing of the past.

Thermoplastic polyurethane - the new material for bicycle inner tubes

The old familiar products are being replaced by TPU inner tubes, which are now being offered by several brands. TPU has many advantages over the black rubber inner tube. But what is TPU anyway? Thermoplastics are plastics that deform when heated and solidify when they cool down. This property makes them ideal for the production of bicycle inner tubes, as they can easily adapt to any tyre size and width. TPU inner tubes can also be customised. For example, they can be produced in multiple layers, equipped with more or less puncture protection and produced in any colour - the TPU inner tube is an all-round artist.

Why TPU inner tubes for gravel bikes?

TPU inner tubes are suitable for all cyclists and can be used in MTB bikes, road bikes, everyday bikes, gravel bikes and even e-bikes. The type of use is also variable. Whether racing on gravel, touring or everyday use on the road - TPU tubes have many advantages everywhere and in combination with all possible tyres and rim widths (TPU tubes are of course also available with Sclaverand valves (sv) or car valves). For gravel bikes, riders can now explicitly decide whether they want a lightweight, good rolling, extremely puncture-resistant tube or one that combines many of these properties, an all-round talent, so to speak. Because TPU inner tubes can be really customised. See the variety of Aeron TPU tubes.

Does a TPU tube really make sense for a gravel bike?

Gravel biking is, and gravel bikes are, extremely diverse. There are bikes that are designed for gravel racing. There are also gravel bikes that are ridden almost exclusively on the road, almost like a racing bike, and there are gravel bikes that are almost like an MTB and with which their riders want to go on long adventures. There are many different gradations in between. This is precisely why it makes sense to use a bicycle inner tube or bicycle inner tubes with different properties. While competitive riders in short races on good gravel surfaces tend to pay more attention to weight and opt for a lightweight TPU inner tube, riders on an adventure trophy covering thousands of kilometres tend to rely on almost puncture-proof inner tubes, i.e. very high puncture protection. TPU inner tubes also have enormous advantages over butyl rubber inner tubes as spare tyres, as they are much lighter and have a smaller pack size. So TPU inner tubes and gravel tyres make perfect sense.

Are gravel bike TPU tubes better than classic butyl bike tubes?

Quite clearly: Yes! TPU tubes offer equal riding behaviour, but they roll better, are lighter, have a smaller pack size and are significantly more puncture-resistant than a butyl tube. To put it bluntly: TPU tubes only have advantages over butyl tubes. The only thing is that they are more expensive to buy, but this is clearly relativised by all the advantages. You can find all the advantages of TPU inner tubes in this article.

Tubeless or TPU inner tube for gravel bikes?

This question is not easy to answer. Let's take a closer look.

Gravel bike with rim brakes - can I also ride TPU inner tubes here?

There is no reason why TPU inner tubes cannot be used with rim brakes - regardless of the tyre width or tyre size used, and regardless of whether MTB, road bike or gravel bike. Another good property of the material is its high heat resistance. So no matter how hot a rim is braked, the TPU tube will hold up.

Can I repair a TPU inner tube on a gravel bike?

Yes, of course! In addition to many different tubes, Aeron also offers a patch kit. This will contain glue and patches with which you can easily and quickly patch the TPU tube. 


Tech for trails: AERON TPU provides the perfect tube technology for mountain bikers with the best compromise between lightness, puncture resistance and low rolling resistance. Specific models offer you the perfect tube for your favourite mountain bike discipline, depending on your preferred terrain or riding style.

MTB Series MTB


Ultra-light, super-fast and mega-compact: AERON TPU road bike tubes are trimmed for maximum performance. Depending on the discipline and intended use, they guarantee you the perfect set-up with a focus on maximum weight saving and minimum rolling resistance or outstanding puncture protection.

Road Series Road

CX / Gravel

TPU technology, perfectly designed for off-road use: Lightweight, puncture-proof, low rolling resistance and the smallest pack size. AERON offers high-performance tubes for gravel and cyclocross racers as well as variants with maximum puncture protection for bikepackers and ultra-riders.

CX/Gravel Series Gravel

City / Tour

Developed for bikers who want maximum reliability in everyday use. AERON TPU tubes for city and touring are characterised by optimised puncture protection. Their low weight and low rolling resistance also increase performance and the fun factor on every tour.

City/Tour Series City


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